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Wenham Insulation can make your home more comfortable all year round.

Their quality workmanship partnering with Australia's premier ranges of insulation make a great team.

There is a huge product range available including:

  • Acoustic batts
  • Thermal batts
  • Wall batts
  • Ceiling batts
  • Underfloor batts
  • Foil Products
    and many more specialized options 

  • Stop up to 70% of heat transfer in the home.

    Reduce gas emissions: save energy costs.

    Will not burn or contribute to a fire.

    Low allergen

    Professionally installed.

    Guaranteed for the life of your home.

    Environmentally protective as it contains recycled content

    Wenham Insulation and Fletcher Insulation

    " The names you can trust "


    In addition to insulation you can further improve your home comfort by installing 

             partnering energy saving products 


    Isolite or Flexi downlight covers 

    if your home contains popular downlights - don't pay the cost of the energy loss from the necessary gaps around them



    Roof Ventilation Systems

    which support your insulation and help it work effectively

    There are other products and things you can do which indirectly either assist your insulation or the comfort levels of your home.

    Some of these are

    External shutters and Blinds

    Draught seals around your windows and doors

    Trees, Pergola's, Veranda's etc

    Gain the benefits and increase the comfort levels of your home.

    Reduce your energy costs and your carbon footprint

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Wenham Insulation

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