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Safety and Quality of Insulation

Wenham Insulation have used and recommended only quality safe insulation since their establishment in 1988 for many reasons:

  1. Due to Brentons long term involvement as a CFA volunteer they are fully aware how important it is for products used within the home to be fire safe. Therefore the insulation materials they recommend where possible have a four zero fire rating which is the highest achievable and is extremely important in the hopefully never event of fire in your home. To achieve this batts have to achieve the following test results. Ignitability - 0; Spread of Flame - 0; Smoke Developed - 0; Heat Evolved - 0 when tested to AS1530.3.  These are the best possible ratings. In short batts with this standard will not burn and may even hinder the spread of flame.                                                                                    
  2. Quality insulation complies with the "Materials for the Thermal Insulation of Buildings". When batts do this you have the assurance they will provide the level of performance stated on the pack for the life of the home.In other words... Performance you can trust!
  3. Quality batts are guaranteed that they will not pack down, shrink, support mould, rot or deteriorate and, when installed in accordance with their directions, will last the lifetime of your home.
  4. Properly insulating your home helps the environment by reducing your consumption of energy for heating and cooling; a responsible and positive action you can take against greenhouse gas emissions and global warming. Choosing environmentally aware insulation is an extra wise choice in this as they are manufactured with large percentages of recycled glass content. This helps to save energy in manufacturing process with the added benefit of reducing land fill problems.
  5. Insulation that meets several personal safety standards are the only ones we will recommend. Standards like the...                                    
  6. Good Environmental Choice Australia; 
  7. Global Marks Certified Product and Quality Management; 
  8. Approved to use the Made from Recycled Materials logo
  9. Display the Glasswool Bio-Soluble Insulation logo
  10. are BCA compliant
  11. Australian made and containing their logo.
  12. Well Managed Forrest 
  13. Environmental Management Standard
  14. Elemental Chlorine Free
  15. National Asthma Council Australia Sensitive Choice program. 

Wenham Insulation believe the use of safe products is a very important factor in your home. Therefore we recommend that any insulation used in a home achieves more than half of the above safety requirements. 

Wenham Insulation are proud to be able to supply and install such quality products and will only use and recommend Australian made insulation.

Wenham Insulation

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