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Other Products

This page contains brief information on the following other most commonly purchased products or enquiries made:

  • Wall and Ceiling Foil
  • Party Wall Batts
  • Roofing Blanket
  • Draught Proofing - Gaps and Cracks door and window frame sealing
  • 5 - 6 Star Energy Rated Home

Wall and Ceiling Foil  


The ideal way to seal the exterior of your home. The reflective surface of the foil reflects 95% of the radient heat and the air gap behind it assists as an insulator to help protect the interior of the home from the transmission of the radient heat.  All quality products are anti glare on one side.  

An important thing to look for when searching for foil is...   Always ensure the product choses complies to AS4859.1 and that the application and the installation matches that quoted by the AS4859.1 compliance otherwise the Total R-value will not be provided by the product.

What is total R Value and what makes it up...  Total R value is the energy rating of your wall taking into account every material used in its construction. Your foil and insulation is only a part of this; all the materials used and even the cavity spaces (air gaps), or lack of them, contribute to the overall R value of your walls.

How can I make sure my foil does what it should...   Foil should completely cover the entire outer perimeter of your home except for the door and window areas. To ensure it is effective as a draught and vapour barrier all cuts and penetrations to the foil should be taped around. This includes all pipes; wires; meter boxes as well as workmans access cuts made in the foil during the construction. Although  this is recommended for every home it is usually essential in a 5 or 6 star rated home.



Party Wall Batts

Fireseal Party Wall Batts are in effect a fire protection product. These specially formulated fibres have a remarkable resistance to shrinkage at temperatures encountered in fire conditions, making them particularly well suited for installation above the brickwork of adjoining party walls in units and multi residential developments.

It is essential to have adequate fire safety products through out your home really but there is really no other option when it comes to party walls; not only for the safety of all occupiers but for insurance reasons as well.


Roofing Blanket


Glasswool Roofing Blanket is a lightweight compressible glasswool blanket with foil adhered to one side. Available with light; medium or heavy duty foil and in various thicknesses and R ratings there is a product to suit most requirements. However it can be supplied in non standard lengths subject to minimum order quantities when needed.

Although blanket is primarily used in sheds and industrial applications it can also be used under the roof in your home as an addition to the insulation installed in the cavity space.


Draught Proofing


This technique is commonly known as Gaps and Cracks. Literally that is what it is. The sealing of the gaps and cracks around your door and window frames. This process is usually completed at the same time as the wall insulation is installed. 

It is the process of pushing an insulating product into the fine gaps between the timbers that make up your door and window frames. The advantage of this is the product seals off the draught gap that is otherwise there from the cavity behind your bricks or outer home covering and the plaster wall inside the home.

Windows are traditionally known to be draughty areas and this gap is largely to blame for that problem. Sealing it off helps the insulation to work more effectively; increases the effectiveness of your heating appliances and generally plays another important part in increasing the overall comfort and energy efficiency of your home.


5 - 6 Star Energy Rated Homes

It is a common misconception that insulation alone makes up a 5 or 6 star home and/or that it is a specific type or brand. Although insulation is a part of the system that creates the dwelling star rating you can never create a 5 or 6 star home with insulation alone. We often receive calls from people with existing homes who ask for insulation that will bring their home up to a 5 or 6 star rating. Insulation to do this simply does not exist and never will. There is more to a star rating than your roof cavity area.

So what does bring a home up to a star standard?   The answer to that is not a simple one. That is why energy rating a plan has become a profession since 5 star home standards were introduced. Now that 6 star homes are here the energy rating becomes even more important. Some of the main areas that affect and are calculated to achieve a home rating are:

  • Your flooring materials eg: slab or wooden
    Wooden floors are required to be insulated underneath in a new dwelling and can really assist the winter comfort of an existing home.
  • The position of the home on the block; especially in relation to the west
    Just turning your home a few degrees on the block can improve ratings
  • Sizes and quantities of windows and doors
  • Double Glazing of windows
  • Window and door sealing.
  • Gaps and crack sealing of your cavities as detailed above
  • Eaves and veranda's - 
    even a fernery or tree can affect a rating
  • Wall materials including the rating of your insulation 
  • A tape seal of all your foil penetrations (see foil section above)
  • Ventilation systems in your rooms and roof cavity

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For further information on any of these products or enquiries on any other home energy connected need please contact us here

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